Take a peek at our cooking studio, located at 67 Spottiswoode Park Road...

67 Spottiswoode Park Road

Another view View of our Dining Area

Our cooking studio

Sit down view
Another view of our cooking studio

A look at dishes we had taught our students

**Our Signature Dishes**

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Beijing Guo Tieh

  Braised Herbal Crab Beehoon

**Japanese Corner**

Japanese Sushi

Japanese Ebi Furai

Japanese Taiyaki

**Dim Sum Corner**

Char Siew Pau
Cong You Bing
Siew Mai

**Baking and Kueh Corner**

Nonya Kueh Custard Waterchestnut
Traditional and snowskin mooncake
Banana Lapis Cake

**Mrs CATherina Hosoi**

In class Teaching Award of certificate to students With Japan Ex PM-Mr Koizumi

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Culinary Hobby Class, 67 Spottiswoode Park Road, Singapore 088656, Whatsapp Wang @93803318
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